What You Should Know About the Dog Flu Outbreak

What You Should Know About the Dog Flu Outbreak Provided by a Louisville, KY Veterinarian

The dog flu is quickly making its way through Kentucky. Kennels are taking precautions to protect their furry clientele. Fortunately, our veterinarian in Louisville, KY at the Doerr Animal Clinic, serving Louisville and the surrounding area, will help prevent your pet from acquiring and spreading the virus, especially if you have to put your pet in a kennel.  


What is the Dog Flu? 

Also known as canine influenza, the dog flu is a respiratory disease caused by either H3N8 or H3N2, which are both forms of the type An influenza virus. Initially, dogs developed the flu in 2004 when a horse transferred it to a dog. The flu is transferable from dog to dog, but to date, no humans have become infected with the virus. Keep in mind, strains of the flu are constantly changing, so it is possible for the virus to become a zoological disease over time. 

Signs of the Canine Flu 

Your dog may experience symptoms such as a runny nose, lethargy, fever or a cough. Dogs that have the flu typically have a reduced appetite and could have discharge in their eyes. Some dogs acquire the disease and don’t exhibit any symptoms.

Canine Flu Complications 

In the more serious cases, your furry friend may become dehydrated. While he or she has the flu, your pooch could develop a secondary bacterial infection. It’s possible the respiratory virus will turn into pneumonia and become fatal. 

How Our Vet Can Help 

If you notice your pet has symptoms of the flu, you should contact your Louisville veterinarian immediately because early detection promotes the best outcome. We advise you to have your pet vaccinated against the flu, especially if you’re planning on leaving your pet in a kennel. Most kennels require your pet to be vaccinated to protect your pet as well as other dogs in the kennel. Our vet is able to vaccinate your pet and provide proof for the kennel.  

Schedule an appointment with Doerr Animal Clinic, Your Local Louisville Veterinarian

Make an appointment with Doerr Animal Clinic, serving Louisville, KY, prior to putting your pet in the kennel. Contact us at 502-425-1275 if you suspect your pet has become infected with the flu as well.

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