Treating Pet Allergies

Treating Pet Allergies in Louisville, KY

Caring for a pet may require appropriate measures to address an allergic reaction from your pet. Depending on the allergies and situation, you may need to provide your pet with medications or other treatments. In our clinic, we identify the cause of an allergic reaction to help your pets heal and recover.

Signs of an Allergy in Pets

The signs of an allergic reaction in a pet depend on the type of allergy and the situation. By identifying common signs of an allergy, you seek treatment before it causes concerns about a pet’s well-being and long-term health.

Common signs of an allergic reaction in a dog or cat include:

  • Rashes on the skin
  • Scratching, particularly to the point of causing a loss of hair or fur in the area
  • Redness in the ears or around the eyes
  • A runny nose or eyes
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty breathing or wheezing

A veterinarian may recommend treating the allergy with medications; however, the treatments depend on the situation and your pet. We may also recommend topical treatments when it relates to skin allergies or allergies from contact with a plant or other item.

Treatments from a Veterinarian

Treatments from a veterinarian in our clinic depend on the needs of your pet and the situation. Medications help with your pet’s health and well-being when it relates directly to an allergen, like pollen or other items in the air. Since the allergen may cause the symptoms, you want to address the situation with proper treatments and care.

In the case of allergies on the skin, we may suggest topical anti-histamine medications to help alleviate the symptoms. We also suggest changes to behavior to limit your pet’s exposure to an allergen. By using tests, we identify the cause of the allergic reaction to provide the appropriate treatment for the specific needs of your pet.

Meet Our Vet in Louisville, KY for Pet Allergy Treatment

Treating an allergy in a pet starts with clarifying the cause of the reaction and providing the appropriate type of anti-histamine or medication. To learn more about addressing allergic reactions or to set up an appointment for allergies, contact us at 502-200-1294 today.

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