Travel Tips for Your Special Needs Pet

Planning to travel soon? If you have a pet with special needs, it can be tough planning to go away and leaving the comfort of home. Before you make the decision, discuss how practical it is for your pet to travel with the veterinary staff at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville or if it is simply N/A.

Travel Tips for Your Special Needs Pet 

First, reconsider your plans carefully; know that an unfamiliar area can be stressful on pets with special needs, as well as hard on you, too. Think about whether a boarding kennel or pet-sitter might be a more pragmatic option. Don’t want to leave them behind? Keep reading:

Keep Them Warm 

Bring their favorite blanket and keep them warm; it helps make them more comfortable and secure during the stresses or travel.

Allow Ample Time 

Try to allow for extra time with special needs pets, as it may take a little bit longer to get them from point A to point B.

Plan and Pack Carefully 

If you are bringing your pet along, plan to pack a bit more than usual. Make sure that you bring familiar items that will bring comfort, along with any medications, mobility items, food, toys, and a copy of their medical records, just in case.

Stay on Schedule 

It is key to maintain your pet’s usual schedule or routine while away. This is a sense of security for pet and can be integral for your special needs pet to be comfortable and less-anxious.

See Your Vet 

Make sure that you take them to your veterinary provider before departing to ensure they are up to date on what is needed for the trip. Get a clean bill of health before you go.

Traveling With a Special Needs Pet? Come See Us Before You Leave

Come see us at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville at (502) 425-1275 before you decide to travel with your special needs pet. We welcome new patients and the initial visit is free. Come check us out; we can’t wait to meet your pets!

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