Tips for Pet Safety At Home

Pet Safety at Home in Louisville, KY

If you are like most pet owners, you try to make your home a safe environment for your animal companions. Pet safety at home prevents injuries and trips to the vet. Here are a few tips on making your home even safer.

Tips for Making Your Home Safer for Your Pets

  • Lock up cleaning agents and chemicals. Keep other household products, such as medications and fertilizers, where your pets cannot reach them.
  • Look at your home through your pet’s eyes. If you can, get down on your hands and knees then look around your house. Search for hidden dangers, such as that four inches of exposed electric cord running between the outlet behind your couch and the lamp on the table. Look for items tucked in places only a puppy’s tiny nose or paw can reach.
  • Stowaway anything that your pet might mistake for a toy. Unplug and put away the hairdryer, for example, so your pet is not tempted to play with the cord and get hurt when the hairdryer falls.
  • Tape down cords or tuck them under the carpet to prevent your pet from chewing on them and suffering a fatal shock.
  • Put your shoes away. Dogs love chewing on shoes, which can be expensive for you and pose a choking hazard for your pet.
  • Pet-proof your backyard. If you have a swimming pool, keep the gate locked and put a secure cover on the pool to prevent accidental drowning.
  • Your home can be especially dangerous for pets during the holidays. Cats love tinsel, but swallowing tinsel may lead to an obstructed digestive tract and possible surgery. Never leave candles unattended, as your pet may knock them over and start a fire.

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