Things All Cat Owners Should Know

Things All Cat Owners Should Know from our Louisville Veterinarian

Cats have a reputation as being rather low-maintenance pets. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, because cats really do need the right care, especially when you first get the cat and are getting used to its personality. Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville wants you to know some basics about dealing with a cat.

How to cat-proof your home

Your cat will be curious, and a lot of objects can end up hurting the cat if you don’t cat-proof your home. Close food packages and put sharp items away. Everything should be sealed tightly, and cleaning products need to always be put away behind a door that the cat can’t open. All plants in your home need to be cat-safe.

In addition to jumping on your kitchen counter, you may have to deal with the cat jumping onto the stove. The warmth from prior use and from pilot lights is attractive to cats. But that does mean that the cat could step on a dial and turn on a burner. Or, the cat could actually burn some fur or skin. Create obstacles around the stove top so that the cat can’t reach it.

You have to help them with grooming and cleaning

Cats do self-groom, but that also leads to hairballs. Plus the self-grooming won’t reduce loose hairs and dander around the house. You’ll need to brush (gently, so as not to cause a rash) and bathe your cat regularly. Bathing also helps with skin irritation.

Pet insurance — yes, you need it

Please get pet insurance. You never know when an emergency trip to the vet will be necessary, and the insurance will help cover the cost of treatment.

Give Your Cat the Care It Needs

Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville can help you and your cat (with or without pet insurance). Contact us at 502-425-1275 to arrange to bring your cat in for physical exams, dermatology services, and behavioral issues. The right care helps your cat adjust to its new home.

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