Pet Dermatology Care in Louisville

Is your dog or cat itching or showing signs of a skin irritation? Just like people, animals are sensitive to their environment and can develop allergies that lead to skin rashes. Our veterinarian at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville is experienced in animal dermatology and will be able to help you discover and fix what is causing your pet’s skin irritation.

What If My Pet Has Skin Irritation?

Pet skin irritation often goes untreated, due to the fact that it’s covered by fur. If you notice your pet regularly scratching (either with their paws or by excessively rubbing against rough or pointy objects), it’s a good idea to take them to our vet for a dermatology assessment. During the appointment, our vet will do a thorough examination of your pet’s skin and determine whether they are suffering from an allergy.

Is Fur Loss in Pets Treatable?

Fur loss is a common sign that your pet is dealing with skin irritation. The fur loss can either be due to the irritation or allergy itself or due to the excessive scratching that your pet is doing to soothe their itch. Fur loss is especially common near the ears, mouth, and under-legs. Sometimes, fur loss is caused by a genetic disorder rather than an allergy. Our vet will be able to figure out the underlying cause of your pet’s fur loss.

What About Cat and Dog Rashes?

Cats and dogs can get a variety of rashes, including dandruff, ringworm, and allergic dermatitis. These rashes can be seen anywhere on the body, but they are quite common inside/behind the ears, in between toes, and on your pet’s belly. While it may be tempting to self-treat your pet, it’s best to have their rash diagnosed by a vet. Rashes may come and go, but it’s likely that your pet will be uncomfortable until the root cause of the rash is resolved.

Can A Veterinarian Help With Pet Allergies?

Many pet allergies are similar to things people are allergic to, including the dander of other animals, pollen, and dust mites. The best way to find out for sure what your pet is allergic to is by having an allergy test performed in our veterinarian’s office. This test involves injecting a small amount of the allergen under the skin and then watching to see if a reaction develops.

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