Allergy FAQs with Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville

If your pet is showing signs of an Allergy, you undoubtedly want to get them treatment so they do not suffer from symptoms. Contacting Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville to make an appointment with our Vet is a proactive step that will help to eliminate any discomfort your pet is experiencing. Here are some frequently asked questions about pet allergies to read over so you better understand how to deal with them properly if your pet falls victim to an allergic reaction.

What Are The Signs of a Pet Allergy?

Pet allergy symptoms are much like those that humans display when they come into contact with a trigger. Your pet may have skin problems such as itchiness or a rash. You may notice your pet scratching at their fur constantly, which could lead to an infection of the skin. In addition to skin difficulties, your pet may have excessive mucus in the eyes, cough more than usual, or have a runny nose. Digestive ailments like diarrhea, vomiting, or a change in eating habits may also be noticed.

How is an Allergy Diagnosed?

It is best to make note of the symptoms your pet is displaying so you can alert our veterinarian when you make an appointment for an evaluation. Consider keeping a journal to document symptoms and the conditions around your pet at the time they are experienced. Food that you provide for your pet, grooming supplies used, and environmental details could help you pinpoint what the trigger is so your pet can avoid being around it in the future. Our veterinarian will use the symptom checklist and conduct an assessment of your pet’s condition to determine the type of allergic reaction it is suffering from. Tests may also be given during the evaluation process.

How can our Louisville Veterinarian Help?

If you bring your pet to our vet for an assessment, they will assist with determining exactly what your pet is allergic to. Once this information is known, you can take steps to avoid having your pet come into contact with the trigger. If your pet is suffering from an allergic reaction from fleas, our vet will provide treatment to remove them from your dog or cat’s fur completely so the skin will heal. If your pet has a food allergy, recommendations regarding diet choices will be given.

Make an Appointment with our Trusted Louisville Veterinarian Team

It is best to give a call to our Vet when the first signs of an allergic reaction are noticed. Contact Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville to make an appointment for a wellness-visit and evaluation or to ask our veterinary staff questions about allergies and how to treat them appropriately. Call us today at (502) 425-1275.