Fully Equipped State of the Art Clinic

Fully Equipped State of the Art Clinic

We provide state of the art imaging and diagnostics including ultrasound, electrocardiogram and X-Rays. You save time and money by having a full service diagnostic service at our clinic.

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Comprehensive Physical Exams Louisville, KY

Examinations, Consultations and Second Opinions

Why do you want your pet to have a physical exam? Physical exams are just as important for your pet as they are for you and me. They are probably even more important because your dog or cat can't tell you when they need to go to the doctor! There may be signs from your pet that they are sick, such as laziness, lack of appetite, change in demeanor, among others.

 If you notice these symptoms you should schedule an appointment with your vet. Even if your pet seems to be perfectly healthy, you should bring them in for a physical exam at least once a year, and more often if they are older. Your pet's exam will be very similar to a physical you would have, including checking:

  • Ears: The ears are checked for infections and also for parasites, as this is a common place for them to nest.
  • Eyes: The eyes are checked for cataracts, retina disease, signs of glaucoma, and other abnormalities. These can all results in blindness, so it is important to check for them regularly.
  • Mouth: Gum disease, lesions, tooth loss, and throat problems all affect dogs and cats. They could be signs of larger problems. Performing a full mouth examination allows us to diagnose any problems and take care of them before becoming serious.
  • Internal Organs: The internal organs are examined to check that they are functioning properly. The abdominal area can be checked by hand for any growths or tumors. A stethoscope is used to make sure the lungs are functioning properly and are also used to check heart rate. An ultrasound can also be performed to provide a view of the organs to visually check for anything out of the ordinary.
  • Skin and Coat: This is checked to make sure that there are no fleas, ticks or other parasites that have made your pet their home.

If any potential problems are uncovered further tests and examination may be necessary to rule out the disease, or properly diagnose it so that it can be treated.

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Heartworm Treatment and Prevention Louisville, KY

Heartworm Treatment and Prevention

Pets can be troubled by a variety of parasites, both internal and external. Heartworms are tiny worms that can lodge and reproduce in the heart and lungs, causing serious health problems for your pet. Without heartworm treatment, it can be fatal for your animal. At Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville, KY, we can help prevent and treat heartworm disease.

Understanding Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is transmitted through a bite of a mosquito. If a mosquito feeds on the blood of an infected animal, that mosquito can then transmit the disease to the next animal. Through the bite of the mosquito, microscopic larvae can gain entry to the bloodstream and travel to the heart and lungs. Once in the vital organs, the worms begin to reproduce, multiply, and grow. As the number of worms grow, the animal can show debilitating symptoms, such as coughing, poor body condition, and reluctant to exercise. Dogs are a natural host for heartworms, but cats can develop heartworm disease as well.

Heartworm Testing and Treatment

A blood test can detect the presence of heartworms in your pet’s body. If the test is positive, our veterinarians will go over you about your pet’s treatment plan. Treatment may require the use of approved medications, such as melarsomine, to help kill the developing worms in your animal’s system. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the worms from the heart or lungs. Throughout your animal’s treatment, his or her activity must be severely limited to prevent damage to the body.

Heartworm Prevention

The best way to protect your pet against heartworm disease is to provide him or her heartworm medication. Our veterinarians in Louisville are able to prescribe the right medication for your animal. This can either be administered orally or through a series of injections. Oral medicine is given monthly while the injections are provided every 6 months.

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Surgical Care (Orthopedic and Soft Tissue)

Surgical Care (Orthopedic and Soft Tissue)

We routinely provide a wide array of Surgical Procedures in our office. Some of these procedures include: Neutering, Spaying, Declawing, Exploratory, Mass Removal, Ligament Repair, Microchipping, Tumor Removal, Bite Wounds, Cherry Eye, Histiocytoma and more. Our office is equipped with top of the line machinery to make sure that your pet is cared for as you would like them to be.

Our advanced techniques include the use of laser surgery, which offers great precision for less tissue damage, bleeding and pain for an easier recovery. Procedures we regularly provide include:

Spay and Neuter Surgery

While you might think of sexual sterilization as an elective procedure, we strongly recommend it for its preventative wellness benefits. Spay surgery (removal of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes) and neuter surgery (removal of the testes) can both eliminate a pet's risk for the cancers associated with these organs. Removing these organs also puts and end to the hormonal swings that lead to aggression, roaming and other actions that can put your pet in harm's way.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery involves structural repairs to the weight-bearing bones and joints. If your pet suffers a severe fracture, for example, surgical screws or plates may be necessary for proper healing. We can also repair knee injuries such as torn ligaments by either adding an artificial ligament or reshaping the bones so the knee can be stable without the ligament in question. Your veterinarian may also recommend surgery for joints damaged by dysplasia, osteoarthritis or another degenerative condition.

Internal and External Surgery

Our Louisville KY surgical team can treat variety of internal and external conditions. External surgeries involve removing skin tumors, closing lacerations and extracting diseased teeth. Internal surgeries may include everything from removal of a urinary blockage and repair of a damaged internal organ to fixing a stomach twisted by gastric dilatation voluvulus (GDV).

Helping Your Louisville KY Pet Through Surgery and Beyond

Your veterinarian will guide you and your pet through every stage of surgery, beginning with blood work to check for any underlying issues we should know about beforehand. We ask you to withhold food for 12 hours before surgery due to the use of general anesthesia. We administer and monitor anesthesia with the greatest care and attention to detail throughout.

Once your pet is out of surgery, we will prescribe the necessary painkillers, antibiotics or other medications and instruct you on how to watch out for potential complications. A scheduled follow-up exam will make sure your pet is on the road to full recovery. We also offer a safe, effective method for enhancing healing and pain relief known as laser therapy. Unlike laser surgery, laser therapy utilizes a low-level or "cold" laser that passes right through the skin harmlessly. The beam stimulates circulation, drainage and cellular regeneration at the surgery site so your pet heals more quickly and comfortably.

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Major and Minor Medical Problems

Major and Minor Medical Problems

At Doerr Animal Clinic, we can treat a wide range of major and minor medical problems. From injuries and infections to diabetes and cancer, we will help your pet live the most healthy and comfortable life possible.

If your pet has suffered an injury or is experiencing unusual or new symptoms, it’s always best to have them checked out as soon as possible. We believe that it is important to treat the whole pet, not just the symptoms, so any prior conditions and medical history you can provide will significantly help our veterinarians determine how best to help your furry friend.

Our hospital is equipped with diagnostic equipment, as well as a lab, so in most cases, we can diagnose and treat your pet right here. If your pet needs medication to treat a major or minor medical problem, we also have a full-service pharmacy and can fill most prescriptions, saving you time and money.

Our team treats all the pets we see as if they were our own, and we strive to make their experience as stress-free as possible. Some of the conditions we treat include, but are not limited to:

  • Endocrine 
    • Diabetes
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Cushing disease
  • Gastrointestinal 
    • Inflammatory bowel disease
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea or constipation
    • Canine parvovirus
    • Colitis 
    • Gastritis 
    • Ulcers
    • Bloat
  • Respiratory
    • Kennel cough
    • Pneumonia
    • Upper respiratory disease
    • COPD
  • Liver 
    • Jaundice
    • Portosystemic shunts
    • Weight loss
  • Renal
    • Kidney failure
    • Kidney disease
    • Kidney infection
  • Urinary
    • Incontinence
    • Urinary tract or bladder infections
    • Urinary crystals and bladder stones
    • Feline urological syndrome (FUS)
    • Inappropriate urination
  • Immune-mediated
    • Anemia
    • Polyarthritis
    • Thrombocytopenia
    • Myasthenia gravis 
    • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Infectious
    • Influenza
    • Leptospirosis
    • Toxoplasmosis

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Video VetScope for Ear Treatment<

Video VetScope for Ear Treatment

If your pet is experiencing symptoms of ear problems, scratching or tugging their ear, or shaking their head vigorously, we recommend bringing them in for an exam. Unfortunately, no technology exists to allow pets to tell us exactly what’s bothering them, but with the Video VetScope, we can see into the ear like never before with up to 30x magnification!

The Video VetScope allows us to peer deep into your pets’ ears to check for problems such as injuries, ear infections, polyps, tumors, ruptured eardrums, mites, and foreign objects such as foxtails or burrs to name a few.

What’s more, is that using the Video VetScope allows you also to see what we’re looking at because we can project what we’re viewing in real-time. Additionally, we can save images and videos from inside your pets’ ears in order to view them again later, as needed for treatment and follow up purposes.

Many clients feel much better about their pet’s diagnosis if they, too, can see what’s going on, and we always want you to feel confident in the care and treatment options available to your pet. We are pleased to have this technology at our disposal!

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Cancer Treatment/Chemotherapy

Cancer Treatment/Chemotherapy

At Doerr Animal Clinic, we understand that a diagnosis of cancer in your pet can seem overwhelming, but we are here for you every step of the way. Thanks to the many advances of modern medicine, we can treat cancer in ways never before thought possible and, in some cases, eradicate it or comfortably extend your pet’s life.

Many factors come into play when developing a treatment plan for a pet with cancer, such as tumor size, type, and location, as well as how advanced the cancer is. Every pet is different, and we always help you choose the most compassionate, realistic treatment option for their unique condition.

The most common cancer treatments available to us include:

  • Surgery - the first line of defense when cancer is localized and able to be removed entirely
  • Chemotherapy - powerful drugs which destroy cancer at the cellular level given orally, intravenously, or directly into a tumor; it is especially useful in treating blood-cell cancers like lymphoma and leukemia, as well as cancers that have metastasized and are thus unable to be surgically removed
  • Stereotactic Radiation (SRS/SRT) - a highly advanced and incredibly advanced non-surgical radiation therapy that targets the tumor at a submillimeter level, sparing the tissue surrounding it; has very few side effects and generally requires only 1-3 treatments 
  • Conventional Radiation (CFRT) - targeted radiation therapy that can shrink or destroy cancerous tumors and sometimes used in conjunction with chemotherapy; usually administered in 15-21 sessions over 3-7 weeks
  • Radioactive Iodine I-131 - specifically used in cases of thyroid tumors causing hyperthyroidism
  • Immunotherapy - biological therapy that uses antibodies to stimulate your pet’s immune system to either fight off the cancerous cells 
  • Cryotherapy - a cold therapy that literally freezes the tumor; used for superficial cancerous tumors in areas such as the skin, eyelids, and oral cavity
  • Palliative Care - mostly consists of pain management delivered in consistent low doses for when curative treatment is not an option or when a pet owner opts not to treat the cancer for a number of reasons; it will help keep your pet comfortable and improve their quality of life

Whichever option will be best for your pet ultimately depends on many individual factors, and we know it is not a decision that can be made lightly. We strive to ensure all our clients are well-informed about their pets’ diagnoses and the scope thereof. We are a compassionate practice and will always work with you however we can to provide the best care for your pet. 

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Laser Therapy Louisville, KY

Laser Therapy

At Doerr Animal Clinic, our dedicated staff and full-service pet clinic is here to provide your pet with the highest standard of care. Whether your pet is in need of a routine wellness exam or something more involved, such as a surgical procedure, you can rest assured that we have the experience and resources to care for your pet.

Laser Therapy for Pets

We understand that many pet owners are hesitant to move forward when they hear that their may need surgery, which is why we proudly offer laser therapy for pets—a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes cold lasers to pass through the skin and treat underlying conditions without the need for incisions or sutures. Specifically, cold lasers have been use to perform just about any imaginable soft tissue procedure, including mouth and throat procedures, as an alternative to more invasive surgeries.

We're proud to offer cold laser therapy right here in our office, and our staff is well trained in the proper use of this state-of-the-art technology.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

There are numerous benefits of using laser therapy as an alternative to other pet surgical procedures. For starters, because cold lasers can be used to stimulate circulation, ensure proper drainage, and even regenerate cells, there is no need for large incisions or other invasive surgical techniques. As a result, your pet's surgical site heals more quickly and with less risk of side effects.

Furthermore, your pet is able to heal more comfortably than would be the case with a more traditional surgical procedure. This is primarily due to the fact that the cold laser actually seals nerve endings as it cuts, which means your pet has significantly less pain when he or she comes out of anesthesia following the procedure's completion. 

In some cases, laser therapy can even be used to negate the need to put your pet under general anesthesia. For example, smaller tumors can sometimes be removed by placing your pet under local anesthesia using laser therapy, which further reduces the risks of complications.

While not all procedures and be performed using our cold lasers, we will explore the option whenever possible. As you can see, there are many ways in which your pet could benefit by having a cold laser procedure done. And as a result of the minimized risk involved, you can also enjoy greater peace of mind and lower stress levels as you prepare to bring your pet in for the procedure.

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Intensive Care Louisville, KY

Intensive Care

We are proud to provide top quality intensive care for our animal patients. We believe in utilizing the highest standard of veterinary technology to ensure your pet has access to the best care available.
We understand that it can be a difficult and emotionally draining time when your pet is in need of intensive care. That is why we promise to communicate with you throughout the process and make the experience less stressful for you and your pet.

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Pet Arthritis Louisville, KY

Pet Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that causes a great deal of pain and discomfort to a dog or cat suffering from it. If you believe your pet has arthritis, it is best to contact Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville to meet with our veterinarian to obtain treatment options. Here is some information about arthritis in pets to read over so you recognize the symptoms of a problem, find out how to help reduce your pet's discomfort, and learn how veterinary care can help.

The Signs That a Pet Has Arthritis

There are a few signals that indicate a dog or cat may be dealing with arthritis. This condition often afflicts pets of older age or those that have had an injury. Most pets with an arthritic condition will slow down because movement causes them pain. You may notice that your dog or cat does not jump or run as much as it did previously. It may not seem interested in engaging in any type of exercise. It may whimper or cry out in pain when moving an affected body part as well.

How to Keep Pain from Causing Your Pet Distress

A pet with arthritis requires some lifestyle changes to keep comfortable. Invest in a food dish and water bowl holder that lifts these items up from floor-level. Provide your pet with a bed that does not require them to jump or climb to get to a comfortable spot. Do not expect your pet to exercise if they are suffering from arthritis.  

How Veterinary Care Can Help

If a pet does not get medical treatment, there is a possibility of further injuries occurring. This is because a pet tends to avoid moving parts of their bodies which feel discomfort. In turn, they may move their bodies differently, causing stress in other areas. 

Our veterinary team is on hand to provide your dog or cat with a full evaluation of their medical condition to determine if they are indeed suffering from arthritis. If so, medication can be prescribed to help alleviate discomfort. Our vet will also make recommendations to help keep your pets comfortable if they are dealing with arthritis. Temperature therapy and light exercises may be helpful in reducing symptoms.

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Pet Dental Care Louisville, KY

Pet Dental Care

Routine pet dental care is important for dogs and cats in Louisville KY and the surrounding area. Without routine dental care, pets develop problems like cavities, periodontal disease, infection and other dental issues. At Doerr Animal Clinic, we provide all the dental care services that pets need to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Pet Dental Care Services from Your Animal Hospital in Louisville KY

We provide a variety of pet dental care services for dogs and cats of our community! 

  • Dental examinations. During our pet dental examinations, we’ll inspect your pet’s teeth and gums for signs of dental disease. If we find plaque buildup, infection, periodontal disease or other problems, we’ll make recommendations for treatment.
  • Pet dental cleanings. During our pet dental cleanings, we’ll remove the plaque from your pet’s teeth. Once your pet’s teeth are cleaned, we’ll polish the enamel. Following the teeth cleaning process, food is less likely to stick to your pet’s teeth. This helps keep your pet’s mouth clean and can control the buildup of bacteria in your pet’s mouth.
  • Cavity fillings. Our cavity fillings can help prevent tooth decay and can save your pet from related tooth pain.
  • Tooth extractions. If your pet’s tooth becomes infected, he or she may need to have the tooth removed. Our tooth extraction services are safe and efficient.
  • Consultations. Sometimes pet owners have questions about the best ways to take care of their pet’s teeth. During pet dental examinations, we answer pet owner questions about pet tooth brushing and other forms of pet dental care.

Pet Dental Care at Home

Pets need to have their teeth brushed every day just like people. When brushing your pet’s teeth, use tooth paste formulated for animals and a small tooth brush that fits properly in your pet’s mouth. If your pet does not accept having his or her teeth brushed, you’ll need to train your pet before he or she will cooperate. Talk to your pet’s veterinarian to find out the best way to train your pet.

Symptoms of Dental Disease

Being able to recognize the symptoms of dental disease can help you know when it’s time to bring your pet in for dental care. The symptoms of dental disease include:

  • Red, inflamed, bleeding gums
  • Stained teeth and gums
  • Bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth

When To Bring Your Pet in For Dental Care

Pet owners are encouraged to bring their pets in for dental care once annually. Pet owners should also bring their pets in for treatment if they identify symptoms of pet dental disease.

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Digital Radiology Louisville, KY

Digital Radiology

It has always been our goal to give our clients the very best care. To do this, we are constantly learning new things and working hard to keep our equipment up to date.

One way we give your pets the best care is with digital radiology. It is quick. We can often see the images seconds after we take the films. It also saves time because we don’t have to repeat films if they are too dark or too light. We can simply change the contrast!

When your pets are not feeling well, we might recommend radiographs. They allow us to see what is going on inside your pets without surgery. We are able to get amazing pictures using digital radiology.

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Ultrasound Louisville, KY


We only use state-of-the-art equipment so we can diagnose and treat your pet as quickly as possible. Because of this, we offer ultrasounds as a way to quickly and efficiently diagnose your pet.

Ultrasounds are quick and painless. They are usually better than radiographs because the machine does not give off any harmful radiation.

Ultrasounds use sound waves to look inside your pet, allowing us to diagnose him or her. The images are better than radiographs and there are several conditions that can only be diagnosed with an ultrasound.

We are delighted to be able to offer this service since not many hospitals have the option. Instead, they have to rely on radiographs to help diagnose their patients. Lucky for us, we are proud to be able to offer this service. It just helps us to achieve our goal of helping our patients as quickly as possible.

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Electrocardiograms Louisville, KY


We're pleased to offer electrocardiography to our patients. Heart disease is quite common in pets, so having the ability to monitor it is becoming more necessary.

For this reason, we are proud to be able to offer electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to our patients. It is a very non-invasive test since we only have to place clips on certain locations on a pets' body, yet we can gain so much information from it.

An ECG/EKG is a record of the electrical activity of the heart. We can evaluate heart rhythm of your pets. We also look for any arrhythmias or other abnormalities. An ECG/EKG can also be used to look for heart enlargement, which is a very common sign of heart disease. ECG/EKGs are used not only to diagnose heart disease but also to monitor the progress of patients diagnosed with it.

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Endoscopy Louisville, KY


Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure that utilizes a flexible tool called an endoscope. The endoscope is a highly specialized tool that allows veterinarians to see inside your pet's body in a minimally invasive way.

Endoscopy allows veterinarians to provide better and earlier diagnosis, making it a valuable tool to modern veterinary medicine.

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Routine Preventative Care Louisville, KY

Routine Preventative Care

It is important for your pet to receive routine checkups just like it is for you. It allows us to make sure that your pet is healthy and also allows us to catch any health problems before they become serious. You should bring your dog or cat in for a checkup at least once a year, and once every 6 months for older pets.

During the visit we will check your pets' vitals, make sure all vaccinations are up to date, and perform any necessary blood work. Blood work can help to diagnose heartworm, Lyme disease, viral infections, and other diseases that can be treated more easily when detected early, as well as give a strong baseline to help diagnose issues before they become a problem. The best way to combat these diseases is actually to stop them before they happen. There are many vaccines and medications available to prevent them. We will make sure your pet is taking the necessary medications to keep them safe.

Deworming is also a key method to keep your pets (and your family) free from getting sick. Deworming helps to prevent your pet from acquiring parasites. If your pet does become infected by a parasite it is possible for them to spread it to anything or anyone they come into contact with. Schedule a deworming session for your pet today.

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Flea and Tick Prevention Louisville, KY

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks can cause discomfort, itchiness, allergic reactions, and can carry more serious diseases with them. The chance that your pet may get fleas or ticks depends on where you live and the environment around you. Fleas thrive in warmer weather, but may go dormant during the winter in colder areas. Ticks tend to live in wooded areas or areas with high grass. You should keep your pet away from areas like this, but if they do go exploring, you should check them for ticks and fleas after.

Ticks and fleas also pose a threat because it is not just your pet that they can affect. They can reproduce and affect humans as well. If you notice small bites, especially around your ankles, you might have fleas in your house. Fleas and ticks can be eliminated with a medicated bath and proper treatment from your vet. It is important to clean your house, especially areas where you pet frequently lounges, if they have fleas or ticks. As with most diseases, prevention is the greatest defense against ticks and fleas. There are many medications that we can recommend to make sure your pet is protected from these pests.

The greatest threat fleas and ticks pose is that they can be carriers for dangerous diseases. Ticks are a main carrier of Lyme disease, something that can affect both your pet and you. Fleas carry parasites as well like tapeworm and heartworm, so it is important to prevent against them. If you currently don't have your pet on any flea and tick medication, come see us soon!

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Full Service Pharmacy Louisville, KY

Full Service Pharmacy

We want you to get your medications and products from reputable, trusted suppliers, so we have stocked our pharmacy with a huge inventory of quality brands and products that are properly stored under optimal conditions.

We carry popular items like flea and tick preventatives, as well as, heartworm preventatives and other medications.

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Pet Allergy Treatment Louisville, KY

Pet Allergy Treatment

Sneezing, itching, skin rashes, breathing problems -- these reactions are all familiar symptoms of allergies. But humans aren't the only creatures who can be distressed by these discomforts. Pets can suffer from many of the same kinds of allergies, and if your pet is suffering, you want to do whatever you can to make them feel better. Here at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville KY, we know how to identify an allergy and prescribe the correct treatments to get those symptoms under control.

Understanding Animal Allergies

How do pets get allergies, and what kinds of triggers can set specific allergies off? An allergy is actually the same kind of response the body might experience when threatened by a disease organism. In the case of an allergy, however, the "disease" is nothing more than an innocent substance misinterpreted as a threat by the immune system. Histamine and other antibodies flood your pet, resulting in such common symptoms as itchy skin lesions, digestive upsets, nasal discharge, coughing and wheezing. The most severe kind of reaction, known as anaphylactic shock, can make breathing impossible and should be treated as a veterinary emergency.

Allergies can be triggered by an enormous number of stimuli. Examples include:

  • Pollens, molds, and airborne chemicals, all common causes of respiratory symptoms
  • Specific ingredients in the diet, which may produce skin rashes, respiratory reactions, and digestive symptoms
  • Fleas, ticks, plant sap, and other skin irritants which produce a reaction called contact dermatitis

How Our Vet Center Diagnoses an Allergy

Either vet on our two-practitioner team at Doerr Animal Clinic can get to the bottom of your pet's allergy issues. First, we rule out other possible causes for the symptoms. If the allergy doesn't have an obvious cause, such as an active pest infestation, allergy testing may be necessary to pinpoint the specific allergen responsible. These tests may be performed either by scratching the skin and watching for reactions or by processing blood samples. If a food is suspected, we may put your pet on an elimination diet, substituting one ingredient at a time until we see a positive result.

Allergy Treatment Options

Once we know the reason for your pet's allergy, we can prescribe a treatment problem to either eliminate the allergy trigger or help your pet manage his symptoms. Treatments may include antihistamines, corticosteroids, lifestyle adjustments, a hypoallergenic diet, pest infestation treatments, and pest preventative medications.

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Counseling on Pet Selection, Breeding, and Nutrition Louisville, KY

Counseling on Pet Selection, Breeding, and Nutrition

One of the keys to optimal health is to consume a balanced diet with plenty of healthy, nutritious ingredients. Paying close attention to nutritional labels is essential for obtaining the best food for your family. Since you consider your pet to be a part of your family, it should be clear that you’ll want to make sure to provide balanced nutrition to your animal companion.

At Doerr Animal Clinic, we have seen how people’s pets can start to thrive once they make a switch to a diet with properly balanced nutrition.

Pet Selection

At Doerr Animal Clinic, we love pets, and we want to ensure that you pick a pet you will love too! There is a lot that goes into owning a pet, and some may not know what it entails or the differences in certain breeds that would make them a better fit for your family. 

To help with your pet selection, we offer counseling to go over details, such as: 

  • Financial impact of pet ownership
  • Time requirement, which can vary by animal type and breed
  • Ways in which owning a pet will affect your household 
  • Long term implications of pet ownership 

While almost everyone agrees that puppies and kittens are adorable, they are also much more time-consuming due to needing to be trained. They also have quite a bit more energy than older animals, which can either be a pro or a con, depending on your lifestyle and household. Some breeds are much more mellow than others and may be a better fit for you. Additionally, many household pets can live for 15 or more years! Amongst many other details, these are factors that should always be considered before committing to owning a pet. 

If you would like assistance with choosing the perfect pet, we are here to help! To make an appointment for pet selection counseling, please call our office.


For our clients looking to breed their animals, we offer breeding counseling. This can help ensure you have healthy litters and reduce stress and harm to your beloved pets. With over 300 dog breeds and 50 cat breeds and a myriad of differences and genetic qualities amongst them, there are a lot of details our clients are looking to enhance or perhaps eliminate in their litters. It is crucial to do this responsibly so as not to contribute to the ever-growing number of animals that end up in shelters.

Counseling may include topics such as common genetic diseases for your pet’s breed, management of your breeding program, the timing of your pet’s ovulation, and pregnancy monitoring, to name a few.

We strive to ensure the health and wellbeing of all pets in our care and want to help you be successful in breeding your animal if that is what you’d like to do. 


One of the keys to optimal health is to consume a balanced diet with plenty of healthy, nutritious ingredients. Paying close attention to nutritional labels is essential for obtaining the best food for your family. Since you consider your pet to be a part of your family, it should be clear that you’ll want to make sure to provide balanced nutrition to your animal companion.

At Doerr Animal Clinic, we have seen how people’s pets can start to thrive once they make a switch to a diet with properly balanced nutrition.

The Role Nutrition Plays in the Health of Your Pet

Indoor pets that have meals provided on a regular basis certainly have an advantage over feral dogs and cats that live in the wild and have to fend for themselves at mealtime. But the food you purchase at a supermarket or pet supplies store can vary quite a bit in terms of ingredients and nutrition. Price is one indicator of the quality of ingredients. 

With proper nutrition, your pet can maintain a healthy weight and will have the energy to exercise and play, which is key to your pet thriving. 

How the Team at Doerr Animal Clinic Can Help With Balanced Nutrition

A pet nutritional counseling appointment with us begins by discussing what your pet typically eats. Be sure to mention what brand of food you usually purchase and note if your family has a habit of giving your pet scraps from the table (in most cases, this is not as healthy as sticking with a well-formulated pet food).

Our vet will conduct a thorough analysis of the food you feed your pet. Keep in mind:

  • Different meal options are appropriate for different stages of life, so it’s best not to feed kitten food to a full-grown cat, for example. 
  • Animals with medical conditions may require a special diet to manage their chronic illness. We can advise you on the best options.
  • If our Louisville vet determines your pet needs nutritional supplements, we’ll figure out the appropriate mix of various minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients.
  • People who enjoy cooking should know that with a little research, they can create their own homemade pet food. The vet will happy to show you some recipes you can try out.

We recognize that solving a pet’s nutritional problems may take a while. If this is the case with your pet, we will set up a schedule of follow-up visits to make sure the updated nutritional program is doing its job.

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Vaccinations and Parasite Control Louisville, KY

Vaccinations and Parasite Control

Our Louisville veterinarian team here at Doerr Animal Clinic is proud to offer a large selection of veterinary services to help your pet lead the happiest and healthiest life possible. Whether your pet is in need of a routine wellness exam or a more involved procedure, you can rest assured that our skilled and compassionate team is here to help and that your pet is in good hands.

One of the many services we have to offer is that of vaccinations and immunizations for dogs and cats. We can perform these right here in our office and generally take care of them at the end of your pet's wellness exam.

Keeping your pet up-to-date on all vaccinations and immunizations is vital not only to your pet's health, but to the health and safety of other animals and humans alike. In some cases, certain vaccinations may even be required by law or required in order to use a service. For example, if you wish to bring your dog to a local dog park, there is a good chance you will need to show proof of up-to-date rabies vaccines in order to be admitted. Many boarding and grooming facilities also require proof of updated vaccinations for dogs and cats alike.

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Senior Pet Care Louisville, KY

Senior Pet Care

Maybe you’ve noticed some gray hairs in your pet’s fur, or maybe Fido is a little less active than he was last year. For cats and dogs, senior living can start anywhere between 5 to 10 years of age depending on the breed. Our staff at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville is here to help you as your pet ages. Here are 5 helpful tips for caring for your senior pet.

Schedule Regular Veterinarian Visits

The best thing you can do for your senior pet is to schedule regular visits to the veterinarian. Our veterinary experts in Louisville can help you recognize common ailments in your pets breed and understand the best ways to make their golden years just as happy. Not only that, but this keeps you on top of any medical conditions that may suddenly pop up with age. 

Stay Active in Louisville

Louisville is a great city for pet lovers. Scenic downtown walks, plenty of parks, and a short drive to some of the best woodlands. Exercise is just as important for senior pets. Just make sure to lower the intensity to match their changing bodies.

Learn about Your Pet’s Breed

Veterinary experts can tell you that no two breeds are the same. Large dog breeds, for example, have more problems with their hips and joints as they get older compared to smaller breeds. Talk to your vet about what to expect for your pet as they age. 

Watch for Changes

As your pet ages, your veterinarian will be able to point out changes in your pet's behavior. Many of these will be a normal part of the aging process, but you need to watch out for sudden changes. Things like rapid weight loss, persistent illness, and sudden changes in behavior are signs that you need to see a vet.

Grow with Your Pet

Your pet might not be up for those day-long hikes anymore, but that doesn't mean it’s time to give up on spending quality time with your pet. Rather than stopping your old activities, consider finding ways to scale them down to match your pet’s age. Rather than long hikes, try for shorter walks on easier ground. If you used to be regular joggers, try going for walks instead. For indoor pets, try switching out their more demanding toys for something more casual. 

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Therapeutic and Hypoallergenic Diets Louisville, KY

Therapeutic and Hypoallergenic Diets

Nutrition is a vital component of a pets' overall health, so it’s important for pet owners to make wise decisions about their pets' diet. Proper nutrition will go a long way in giving your pet a healthier, happier, longer life.

Therapeutic diets can help mitigate and prevent some illnesses, so they can be a useful option for some pets. We can consult with you about your pets' nutrition and diet so that you can make a more informed decision.

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Boarding Louisville, KY


At Doerr Animal Clinic, we take great pride in being the Louisville area's trusted stop for all their pet health and wellness needs. In addition to our excellent veterinary services, we're also excited to offer pet boarding services for those times when you need to travel out-of-town or simply need your pets out of the house. If you've been looking for a place you can trust to care for your pets and make them feel at home, you've come to the right place.

Benefits of Boarding Your Pet with Us

Many pet owners choose to board with us because of the added peace of mind they receive by doing so. Because we are located on-site at a full-service animal clinic, you can rest assured not only that your pet will be in capable hands while you're away, but that he or she will never be far from skilled veterinary care if needed. We never anticipate a pet in our care to need veterinary assistance, but when pets are away from their owners and away from home, they do tend to be under higher stress and anxiety. As a result, they may be more prone to minor medical issues. In the unlikely event your pet does need medical care during his or her stay, we can handle it all in one location.

In addition to being on-location at a full-service animal clinic, pet owners also board with us because we have a long-standing reputation for compassionate care and quality boarding facilities. Dogs and cats alike will enjoy comfortable, spacious boarding with plenty of one-on-one attention, exercise, and care.

Preparing for Your Pet's Stay

We're so excited you're thinking about boarding your pet with us! We love to have fun here, but we do have a few rules when it comes to boarding. These rules are in place for the safety of your pet, our staff, and the other pets in our care!

For starters, please have your pet up-to-date on all vaccinations before your boarding reservation. If you're already one of our clients, we can pull up your pet's vaccination records to verify this. If not, please bring a copy of your pet's vaccination records from your vet. If your pet needs any vaccinations, feel free to schedule an appointment prior to your pet's reservation and we'll be happy to get this taken care of!

Finally, please plan to drop off and pick up your pet during our regular business hours. Feel free to bring a small toy, blanket, or other items from home that will help your pet feel more comfortable with us!

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Boarding Louisville, KY

Drop Off Service

We know that you are on a busy schedule and we try our best to accommodate that when you visit our hospital. That is why we offer drop off appointments, allowing you to leave your pet with us and pick them up after their appointment is over.

It is our goal to provide you with the best service possible, and to make the process of veterinary care simpler and faster for our clients and patients.

Please call us in advance to schedule your drop off appointment, our friendly staff would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.

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