Protect Your Dog or Cat from Heartworm Disease

Heartworm Treatment for Pets in Louisville

Mosquitoes are not just a threat to humans during spring and summer. These pests can also transmit heartworm disease to dogs and cats. This disease can become fatal if it goes untreated, so it is important to provide your pets with as much protection as possible. At Doerr Animal Clinic, we offer heartworm treatment and prevention for pets in the Louisville area. 

What Causes Heartworm Disease?

The parasites that cause heartworm disease can enter pets through mosquito bites. After entering, adult parasites make their way to the heart and bigger blood vessels and live in tinier blood vessels. As these parasites grow and reproduce, they can cause severe damage to different organs, including the heart, kidneys and lungs. 

What Are the Signs of Heartworm Disease?

It can take a number of years for any signs of heartworm disease to appear. When they do show up, it usually means that these parasites have caused damage to the heart and other organs. Pets with advanced heartworm disease might cough, lack energy, act restless or become weak.

How Can Pets Be Protected from Heartworm Disease?

Using heartworm preventative products is the most effective way to make sure that pets are protected from heartworm disease. These products prevent these parasites from thriving inside pets and causing damage. Pets must undergo testing first before taking these products. Those with negative heartworm results can take preventative products, while those who test positive must undergo treatment.

Heartworm Prevention in Louisville

Our veterinarian in Louisville can help you choose a heartworm prevention product for your pets. This typically means giving your pets a pill or tablet once per month throughout the year. These products provide dogs and cats with reliable protection from heartworm disease, especially in spring and summer when mosquitoes are around more often. 

Visit Our Veterinary Clinic in Louisville for Heartworm Prevention

If your pets are due for heartworm prevention, contact Doerr Animal Clinic to set up an appointment. Our veterinary clinic in Louisville can help pets stay safe from different parasites with heartworm, flea and tick prevention products.

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