Pet Boarding FAQ

Louisville Vet Pet Boarding FAQ

Whether for an overnight trip or an extended vacation, leaving your best furry friend behind can be stressful. Entrust your dog or cat to a Louisville vet pet boarding facility to set your mind at ease. At Doerr Animal Clinic, your Louisville veterinarian, we know you have questions, so we have compiled this pet boarding FAQs to ensure your comfort.

Why is vet boarding in Louisville better than in-home pet boarding in Louisville?

Pets are mischievous creatures who like to get into trouble. Dogs don’t know not to eat chocolate and cats don’t know not to eat string. Dangerous hazards can be most tempting to pets when owners are away. At vet boarding in Louisville, these hazards are eliminated. Moreover, animals are escape artists, and if they escape from a friend or pet sitter’s in-home pet boarding in Louisville, they may not be able to find their way back to the strange location. Doerr Animal Clinic provides a secure pet boarding facility for dogs and cats.

What medical care does vet pet boarding provide?

Leaving your dog or cat in the care of vet pet boarding means you are leaving them in the hands of trained, medical professionals equipped to address any medical problems that might arise. Additionally, a vet boarding facility is the best option if your pet takes medication or is on a strict diet.

Will my pet be bored boarding at a veterinarian office?

At Doerr Animal Clinic, your Louisville veterinarian, we provide your pet with plenty of room to play. We encourage you to bring your cat’s favorite feather fishing pole or jingly ball. We exercise cats and dogs with interactive toys and also walk dogs four times a day. Plus, pets love making new friends while they stay.

Book an Overnight Stay For Your Pets

Doerr Animal Clinic would love to welcome your dog or cat to our pet boarding facility. Call us today at (502) 425-1275 to book a stay and check to make sure your pet is up-to-date on the required vaccinations. We are located at 2050 Herr Lane, Louisville, KY 40222.

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