Most Common Eye Injuries In Pets

3 Most Common Eye Injuries in Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

Pets often have a rough and tumble attitude about life that gets them into trouble sometimes. Eye injuries are just one way their wild and free spirit can end badly. As dogs, cats, and other pets wrestle, play, and explore their world, they can suffer trauma to their eyes that require care from your Louisville veterinarian. Here are three of the eye injuries treated at Doerr Animal Clinic.

Bite Trauma

Whether your pets are fighting with each other or just playing, bite trauma can occur. This happens as pets nip at each other. Even light contact with a tooth can puncture or lacerate an eye. This type of trauma is highly visible and easy to spot at a glance. Your pet will need to go to the animal hospital right away if you notice bite trauma to the eye.

Corneal Scratch

Corneal scratches are much more subtle and hard to detect with the naked eye. These scratches can occur as your pet plays with other animals or simply walks through dense brush. You might only notice your pet squinting or holding their eye closed after a scratch occurs. If you notice these signs, you will need to come into the veterinary care center to have your pet’s eye checked out and treated.

Eyelid Lacerations

Although eyelid lacerations do not affect the surface of the eyeball, they still need prompt attention from a skilled veterinarian in Louisville. These lacerations often just look like a scratch or cut on the eyelid. The constant movement of the eyelid makes this injury extremely hard to heal without support from a vet.

Acquiring Louisville Veterinary Care for Your Pet

Whenever your pet suffers an eye injury, they will need to be seen by our team at Doerr Animal Clinic. With a call to 502-425-1275, we can get you right in to have your pet treated by your veterinarian. You can trust that our team will provide you and your pet with our full support to optimize your experience at our clinic.

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