Importance of Walking Your Pet in 2018

Importance of Walking Your Pet in 2018

You know how important it is that your pet gets regular exercise. Whether this is indoor or outdoor activity, your pet needs to get their heart pumping and their blood rushing. What better time to be reminded of that than the beginning of the year? It’s a good thing that Doerr Animal Clinic is here to give you tips and tricks when it comes to pet health and exercise.

What Is National Walk Your Pet Month?

National Walk Your Pet Month is a whole month dedicated to avoiding further contributing to the growing rate of pet obesity. Many pets have a weight problem in the United States, with more than half (57.9 percent) classifying as obese or overweight, says organization Pet Obesity Prevention.

That’s quite problematic. Being obese shortens a pet’s lifespan, but walking and other physical activities can turn their lives around.

What Is the Goal?

The goal is for you and your pet (dogs and cats, because some cats do like to be leashed up and taken outside) to get outdoors regularly and walk. It can be daytime, nighttime, or whenever you get the chance. Even if you only go a few blocks, everything counts.

There are plenty of benefits of walking outside with your pet. Not only will you keep their weight down, but yours as well! You’ll also feel closer than ever, increasing happiness for you both.

About Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville

If you want your pet to be healthy for walks this month or any month, bring them into Doerr Animal Clinic. As your Louisville veterinarians, we can administer services like veterinary surgery, nutritional counseling, behavioral counseling, prescription diets, grooming, pet boarding, diagnostics, and radiology and imaging. Then there are the rest of our veterinary services, among them spaying and neutering, vaccinations, pet laser therapy, emergency care, tick, and flea prevention, microchipping, routine preventative care, pet dental care, and comprehensive physical exams.

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