How to Train Your New Puppy

Tips from Our Louisville Veterinary Clinic on How to Train Your New Puppy

At Doerr Animal Clinic we know how adorable new puppies can be. Sometimes they are so cute and hapless that you feel like you might just burst with joy at their antics. We also know that other times they can inspire frustration as they go through potty training, chewing stages, separation anxiety, and sleepless nights. If you would like tips on how to train your puppy, or if they have not had their new pet evaluation bring them in soon for a veterinary visit. We are your Louisville veterinarian who will be there for you and your pet from puppy paws to elderly dog years.

Puppy Training Tips

  • First, every action you take to train your puppies should come from a place of love. During the first few months, they will be forming a bond with you that can last a lifetime. It can feel frustrating to have a pet chew your shoes or ruin your carpet, but if you respond firmly yet without malice they will learn without losing their trust in you.
  • Second, be consistent. If they cannot use your shoes as teething or anti-anxiety devices then don’t ever let them chew on a shoe even if it is an old one or one they already ruined. Give them chew toys and a lot of attention to get them through this time. Always walk them before they pee on the carpet even if you are tired, and always enforce rules because they won’t understand if you don’t.
  • Third, remember progress takes time. Your first training session will not produce perfect behavior, but over time you will see the results you need. Often “bad” behavior is linked to insecurity or boredom, so be sure to get to the root cause while slowly working towards your goals.

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Call us at Doerr Animal Clinic to schedule your puppy’s vaccinations, exams, spaying, neutering, or any other services you need. We treat animals in the Louisville area with quality care, and we want to get to know your new puppies too, so we can see them grow through life. Call today, 502-425-1275!

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