How to Properly Discipline Your Cat

Poor behavioral actions by cats can be extremely frustrating for their owners. A pet that has been displaying signs of behavioral problems, could be suffering from a medical condition. Contact Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an evaluation of your cat’s condition. If medical troubles are not found, disciplining your pet will be necessary. Here is some information on how to properly stop a cat’s poor behavior.

Use Positive Reinforcement To Promote Positive Behavior

Cats are trainable and will remember when they are rewarded for expected behavior. It is upsetting to find out that your cat has urinated outside of its litter box or had gotten up on a countertop that you would rather they stay away from. Rewarding your pet for using the litter box or for jumping off of a counter when you clap your hands will reinforce the desired behavior. Your cat will be more apt to stop poor behavior as they will be rewarded with a snack or a session of petting from you.

Try Some Deterrents To Keep Your Cat Away From Specific Items

Keeping your cat away from certain furnishings, off of counters, and from biting or scratching belongings can be obtained with a few tools. Try using double-sided tape on surfaces you want your pet to stay away from. Aluminum foil can be crumpled up and placed in areas you want your pet to stay away from as well. Cats will shy away from areas where a feline deterrent has been used. The will also tend to avoid spots where the smell of citrus or red pepper flakes is present.

Use Water And Words For Startling

If your pet continuously displays signs of poor behavior, spraying them with water right after performing the action could help to stop it from happening in the future. Use a loud command, such as “No” or “Stop” so your pet associates this word with a spray bottle.

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