Holiday Fun with Your Pets

Holiday Fun Tips with Your Pets from our Louisville Veterinarian

If you want to enjoy a holiday with dogs or cats this year, keeping them safe in the process is of the utmost concern. A holiday with cats or dogs present requires constant attention to ensure they do not become injured or sick. If your pet does have a mishap, contact Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville to make an appointment with our veterinary team for assistance. Here are some cat and dog holiday care tips to take into consideration and how our Vet can help if your pet requires medical help at our clinic.

Keep Holiday Decorations Away From Reach

Regardless of the type of holiday with dogs or cats you are celebrating, decorations may be present to set the mood. It is best to avoid keeping these at a height where your cat or dog can access them. Keep strings of lights unplugged unless you are around to watch over your pet while they are being used. If your pet eats or steps upon a decorative item, give our animal hospital a call to meet with our veterinarian.

Avoid Feeding Your Pet Holiday Foods

Many holidays are celebrated with festive dinners, exciting appetizers, and delectable desserts. It is extremely important that you do not share these foods with your pet so they do not fall victim to digestive troubles. When cooking for the holidays, keep your pet out of the kitchen so they are not in contact with your oven so burns do not occur.

Take Care of Your Pet When Visitors Are Expected

If your pet becomes anxious when strangers are around, it is best to keep your cat or dog in a designated room in your home where they can rest without worry. Check on your pet every once in a while to reassure it and provide it with some entertainment.

Call Doerr Animal Clinic Today!

If your holiday with cats or dogs ends up with a medical incident, contact our vet at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville. Call our animal hospital at (502) 425-1275 to speak to our vet about cat and dog holiday care tips.

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