Easy Ways to Get Your Dog to Exercise

If you have concerns about the amount of exercise your dog gets, or if you have noticed they seem to be gaining more weight than necessary, encouraging them to move around, in addition to veterinary care, is a must. Any medical difficulty requires a trip to Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville for an assessment by our veterinarian. Here are some easy ways to get your dog to exercise.

Exercise with Your Pet

It is difficult to get your pet to move around if you do not do the same. If you start to walk quickly while your pet is nearby, they will most likely do the same in an attempt to keep up with you. Consider adding exercise routines into your schedule in the form of daily walks or runs with your dog in tow. You will both enjoy the time together and will reap the reward of staying healthy as well.

Consider Playtime with Others

If your dog enjoys the company of other animals, they are likely to exercise while in their presence. Chasing after other dogs, playing a game of ball with another canine, or simply going on a walk with a fellow dog will help to keep your own pet exercising as needed. Reach out to a friend with a dog and set up play dates every few days.

Use Toys to Help

Dogs enjoy playing fetch. Invest in a few balls made from different materials and in different sizes. Watch your dog when playing to determine which of these balls it seems to like best. Bring the ball with you to a park or out in your yard to get some sun and fun time together where exercising is done under the guise of toy time.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If your pet needs help losing weight, if they are dealing with dietary issues, or if you want more tips on exercising, contact Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville for veterinary care. Contact our veterinarian today by calling our practice at 502-425-1275 to schedule an appointment for an assessment for weight issues.

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