Doerr Animal Clinic Examines Responsible Dog Ownership

Doerr Animal Clinic Examines Responsible Dog Ownership in Louisville

Here at Doerr Animal Clinic, we want all Louisville pet owners to know that the American Kennel Club has designated September as Responsible Dog Ownership Month. This is a great time to stop and think about just how important you are to your beloved companion’s well being, from a happy home life to optimal health and longevity. 

The Pet-Friendly Home

If you are on the verge on adopting your very first puppy or adult dog, give serious thought to what kind of environment you can provide– because this should influence what kind of dog you get. If you purchase a Border Collie, for instance, you’d better have a huge yard to run around in and plenty of challenging obstacles and games to keep this intelligent, energetic animal occupied. If you’re limited to a small apartment, a laid-back breed will be happier living with you. Make sure you prepare your home with basics such as food and water bowls, a comfortable doggie bed, a supply of healthy pet food, all toxic substances secured out of paw’s reach, and an outdoor shelter or shade source for the “dog days” of summer.

Behavioral Care

Dogs are more comfortable when they know how they’re supposed to interact with humans and other animals. Investing in the right training from a young age can help your dog get along with friends, family members and even total strangers. If your dog is experiencing separation anxiety or other behavioral problems, behavioral counseling can be tremendously helpful. Keep in mind, too, that some “misbehaviors” such as aggression or inappropriate elimination may be rooted in genuine health disorders that require evaluation by your veterinarian (Dr. Turns or Dr.Webb).

Everyday Health and Hygiene

Keeping your dog healthy from day to day need not be a tremendous challenge. We recommend that you periodically inspect your pet’s skin, eyes, ears and other external features for any unusual symptoms or changes. Brushing your pet’s teeth is a smart way to minimize tartar buildup while also giving you a check to detect any obvious issues such as bleeding gums. Bathing is another important health measure because it remove skin oils that might attract bacteria. We can provide professional grooming services to help you keep your pet clean and healthy.

Essential Care from Your Veterinarian

Responsible dog ownership means providing  all essential veterinary care. Spaying and neutering should be at the top of your list for its ability to remove the risk of reproductive cancers. Regular wellness and dental exams allow your veterinarian to catch and correct any minor problems before they can balloon into medical emergencies. Vaccinations and pest prevention are other musts. If you travel without your pet, take advantage of our professional boarding service so your pet will be in good hands while you’re gone. You’ll feel great knowing that you’re a responsible dog owner!

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