Common Pet Problems

Common Pet Problems

As your local veterinarians at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville, we know that seeing your pet in pain can cause distress. However, many common problems will happen in your pets’ life, and it is important to spot these problems and know when to bring them into the office for emergency pet care. Below are a few common problems that your pet may run into.

Skin Issues and Allergies

One of the most common reasons why pets come to the veterinarian’s office is due to skin issues. These issues can be caused by parasites, food allergies, or infection. If you see your pet scratching its skin or it appears inflamed or flaky, it is best to make an appointment to see us.


As pets begin to age, arthritis starts to become a more common ailment for pets. Arthritis occurs when the joints of the pet become inflamed and can often make it hard to move around. The good news is that arthritis can be managed through veterinarian care.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are another common pet issue that requires a trip to the veterinarian’s office. There are many causes of ear infections, the most common being mites and allergies. If you notice your pet shaking or tilting its head, scratching the ear, ear odor, or any ear discharge, make an appointment to see the vet as soon as possible.


It is very common for a pet to vomit and it can be caused by something as simple as eating something that didn’t sit right. However, there are also more serious issues that can cause vomiting such as an obstruction in the intestine, poisoning, or parasites in the stomach. If your pet continues to vomit and is also lethargic, you should bring them to the vet for urgent care.

Non-cancerous Tumors

Finding a lump or a tumor on a pet can be a frightening experience. The good news is that most tumors on pets turn out to be non-cancerous. It is critical to have any lump you spot on your pet looked at by a veterinarian as soon as possible to make sure it is not cancerous.

Concerned About A Furry Friend?

If you have any concerns about the health of your pet, you should make an appointment to see our veterinarians at Doerr Animal Clinic. We are proud to provide both emergency pet care and non-emergency care to all of the Louisville animals.

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