Choosing a Veterinarian in Louisville KY

Choosing a Veterinarian in Louisville KY

Choosing a veterinarian for your pet is a big and important decision. As a pet owner, you want to know that your pet is in good hands with a capable, skilled professional. But how can you choose? What qualities should you look for in a veterinarian?

What to Look for In a Veterinarian

There are many characteristics you should seek when looking for a veterinarian in your area. Below are some of the most important deciding factors when trying to find a vet in Louisville KY:

  • References and recommendations. Friends, family and local pet-wellness organizations may all have recommendations for veterinarians in your area. When you’re first looking for a vet in your community, contact people who you care about who live in the area. Ask them for the names and numbers of good veterinarians that they’ve visited with their pets. If you adopted your pet from a shelter or from a local breeder, reach out to these organizations to seek the names of veterinarians they use and recommend.
  • Neatness and organization. Any veterinarian you choose from your area should have a tidy, organized office and waiting room. You’ll be able to tell if the veterinarian office was recently cleaned. Look for signs of visible dirt or grime in the waiting area and in the examining room when you take your pet to see the vet. It should also be easy to tell if the office is organized. If the veterinary office is organized, making the appointment will be relatively easy. The staff at the front desk will be able to draw up records quickly and without difficulty.
  • Location. If your pet should ever have a medical emergency, it will be a comfort to know that your pet’s veterinarian is close by. If possible, choose a location near to your home.
  • Friendliness. It’s important for your pet’s veterinarian to build a relationship with you and your pet. From the first visit, your pet’s veterinarian should treat you and your pet with respect and kindness. This will help ensure that the vet and your pet will have a good relationship.
  • Skills. Your pet’s vet should maintain good skills, regardless of how many years he or she has been practicing. Taking continuing education classes will help the veterinarian keep up with modern techniques and make the right decisions for your pet’s health. Ask your pet’s veterinarian about any continuing education classes that he or she has taken recently. Seek out help from a vet who keeps his or her education up to date.

Doerr Animal Clinic Has It All

At Doerr Animal Clinic, we strive to provide the best medical care to pets of our community. Our veterinarians, Dr. Turns and Dr. Webb, have the skills and expertise it takes to keep your pet healthy. You can find out more about our qualifications here, or call us today for an appointment.

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