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Puppy and Kitten Care

The acquisition of a puppy or kitten is a time of excitement for a new pet owner. It's not all fun, however. New pet owners have a responsibility to provide their pets with the best possible care so they can live healthy and comfortable lives. After you bring your new animal home, contact Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville to make an appointment with our clinic's veterinarian. A trip to our animal hospital will ensure your pet is on the path to a healthy start. Here is some information to make your pets comfortable during the first weeks at home, how to protect them from hazards, and what our vet will do during their first appointment. 


Giving Your Pet the Right Start

It is important to gather some supplies to keep on-hand at home so your puppy or kitten remains comfortable as it gets used to its new living space. Your pet will require a feeding dish and water bowl. Keep these items in the same spot in your home so your pet becomes familiar with their location. If you have a kitten, it will need a litter pan filled with litter. When the litter appears soiled, sift it from the pan and add some new in its place. Kittens learn quickly how to use a litter box for elimination. A puppy will need frequent walking sessions outdoors to go to the bathroom and to get exercise. Invest in a sturdy leash and collar for this purpose. Pet toys also come in handy to keep your pet entertained.

Protect Your Pet from Hazards

Remove potential hazards from your home so your pet does not become injured or ill. This includes the removal of toxic agents and chemicals. Place them in locked cabinets away from your pet's reach. Get down on all fours and check areas your pet will use in detail for sharp edges, protrusions, and string so you can repair or remove them as necessary. Do not allow your pet to frequent areas where excessive heat, such as that emitted from a fireplace or stove, is present.

What Happens at Your Pet's Wellness Appointment

At your pet's first appointment, our vet will take their vitals and keep them documented for future usage. These are used for comparison purposes which help with the indication of potential medical risk. Your pet will be checked from head to tail for any abnormalities and our vet will provide treatment if necessary. Our practitioner will also help with teeth cleaning, preventative measures to eliminate parasites, spaying or neutering, and immunizations.

Contact Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville for pet care assistance. Call 502-425-1275 to make an appointment at our animal clinic.