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Pet Diabetes

Doerr Animal Clinic Offers Diagnosis and Treatment For Pet Diabetes

Like people, pets can develop diabetes, a condition in which blood glucose is not properly removed from the body. This disorder can cause serious damage to the body and requires ongoing treatment to prevent further health problems. At Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville, KY, we provide testing and treatment for diabetes.

Doerr Animal Clinic Offers Diagnosis and Treatment For Pet Diabetes

Understanding Diabetes in Pets

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas fails to produce sufficient insulin or when insulin is not properly utilized. Insulin is needed to remove glucose from the body that is produced from consumption of sugars and carbohydrates. In dogs, diabetes is a life-long disease that requires ongoing care. However, in cats, diabetes can go into remission after a period of treatment. With good veterinary care, your pets can live a long and healthy life, even with diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Pets

You may notice your beloved animals drinking more water than usual. Pets may also have to urinate more frequently or may have accidents in the house. They may have an increased appetite, but may lose weight. Your animals may vomit more frequently, develop cataracts, or may have poor coat condition. Cats may develop an abnormal gait.

Diagnosing Diabetes

High blood sugar levels can be detected through urine and blood testing. Your veterinarian may administer periodic testing during your pet’s annual examination. If high blood glucose levels are found, your vet will discuss treatment and lifestyle changes that can help your pets continue to thrive.

Treatment of Pet Diabetes

Diabetes require daily injections of insulin. Although many pet owners initially feel anxious about administering injections to their pets, they quickly become accustom to the process. Your veterinarian in Louisville will teach you how to give injections to your beloved animals. You will also have to bring them in for regular testing to ensure that treatment is managing the problem effectively. Your vet will provide instructions on diet and exercise to help control their blood sugar levels.

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Dr. Turns and Dr. Cohn have many years of experience in veterinary medicine to ensure their patients in Louisville receive professional, compassionate care throughout life. We offer a broad range of services, including exams, vaccinations, diagnostics, surgery, dental care, and boarding. Call Doerr Animal Clinic today at 502-425-1275 for an appointment to have your pets examined and to learn about today’s treatments for diabetes.