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Pet Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that causes a great deal of pain and discomfort to a dog or cat suffering from it. If you believe your pet has arthritis, it is best to contact Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville to meet with our veterinarian to obtain treatment options. Here is some information about arthritis in pets to read over so you recognize the symptoms of a problem, find out how to help reduce your pet's discomfort, and learn how veterinary care can help.


The Signs That a Pet Has Arthritis

There are a few signals that indicate a dog or cat may be dealing with arthritis. This condition often afflicts pets of older age or those that have had an injury. Most pets with an arthritic condition will slow down because movement causes them pain. You may notice that your dog or cat does not jump or run as much as it did previously. It may not seem interested in engaging in any type of exercise. It may whimper or cry out in pain when moving an affected body part as well.

How to Keep Pain from Causing Your Pet Distress

A pet with arthritis requires some lifestyle changes to keep comfortable. Invest in a food dish and water bowl holder that lifts these items up from floor-level. Provide your pet with a bed that does not require them to jump or climb to get to a comfortable spot. Do not expect your pet to exercise if they are suffering from arthritis.  

How Veterinary Care Can Help

If a pet does not get medical treatment, there is a possibility of further injuries occurring. This is because a pet tends to avoid moving parts of their bodies which feel discomfort. In turn, they may move their bodies differently, causing stress in other areas. 

Our veterinary team is on hand to provide your dog or cat with a full evaluation of their medical condition to determine if they are indeed suffering from arthritis. If so, medication can be prescribed to help alleviate discomfort. Our vet will also make recommendations to help keep your pets comfortable if they are dealing with arthritis. Temperature therapy and light exercises may be helpful in reducing symptoms.

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