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Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary Surgery at Doerr Animal Hospital

If your pet needs surgery, Doerr Animal Hospital Louisville KY clinic, veterinarians Dr. Turns & Dr. Webb provide compassionate care for your pet

If your pet needs surgery, Doerr Animal Hospital is the right place for it. Your veterinarian at our Louisville KY clinic, Dr. Turns or Dr. Webb, will provide the superior skill, expertise and compassionate care your beloved companion deserves. Our advanced techniques include the use of laser surgery, which offers great precision for less tissue damage, bleeding and pain for an easier recovery. Procedures we regularly provide include:

Spay and Neuter Surgery

While you might think of sexual sterilization as an elective procedure, we strongly recommend it for its preventative wellness benefits. Spay surgery (removal of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes) and neuter surgery (removal of the testes) can both eliminate a pet's risk for the cancers associated with these organs. Removing these organs also puts and end to the hormonal swings that lead to aggression, roaming and other actions that can put your pet in harm's way.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery involves structural repairs to the weight-bearing bones and joints. If your pet suffers a severe fracture, for example, surgical screws or plates may be necessary for proper healing. We can also repair knee injuries such as torn ligaments by either adding an artificial ligament or reshaping the bones so the knee can be stable without the ligament in question. Your veterinarian may also recommend surgery for joints damaged by dysplasia, osteoarthritis or another degenerative condition.

Internal and External Surgery

Our Louisville KY surgical team can treat variety of internal and external conditions. External surgeries involve removing skin tumors, closing lacerations and extracting diseased teeth. Internal surgeries may include everything from removal of a urinary blockage and repair of a damaged internal organ to fixing a stomach twisted by gastric dilatation voluvulus (GDV).

Helping Your Louisville KY Pet Through Surgery and Beyond

Your veterinarian will guide you and your pet through every stage of surgery, beginning with blood work to check for any underlying issues we should know about beforehand. We ask you to withhold food for 12 hours before surgery due to the use of general anesthesia. We administer and monitor anesthesia with the greatest care and attention to detail throughout.

Once your pet is out of surgery, we will prescribe the necessary painkillers, antibiotics or other medications and instruct you on how to watch out for potential complications. A scheduled follow-up exam will make sure your pet is on the road to full recovery. We also offer a safe, effective method for enhancing healing and pain relief known as laser therapy. Unlike laser surgery, laser therapy utilizes a low-level or "cold" laser that passes right through the skin harmlessly. The beam stimulates circulation, drainage and cellular regeneration at the surgery site so your pet heals more quickly and comfortably.

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