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Kitten Care

New Kitty? What You Should Know About Her Care

Kittens may be a bundle of joy but they’re also a lot of work and responsibility. If you’re new to kitty care, we can help. At Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville, we offer quality pet care services that can help kitty live a healthy, happy life. We can also provide valuable counsel on pet nutrition, behavior, safety, vaccinations, and fitness to help you make wise decisions in your kitty care. Here are a few guidelines to help you get started in the care of your new pet.


Get a Pet Wellness Exam

Make your pet’s health a priority by scheduling a wellness exam. During this exam, your vet will check your kitten for signs of sickness, injury, parasites, skin conditions or other abnormalities. We’ll test your kit’s hearing and vision, examine her teeth and listen to her heart and breathing to make sure she’s in good health. If your kitten needs vaccinations, we’ll start her on a series of core vaccines to protect her against rabies, distemper and other feline diseases.

While you're visiting our clinic, we encourage you to seek advice from our experienced veterinary team on how to care for your new pet. We can answer your questions, recommend pet care products, help you with dietary needs and more.   

Stock Up on Kitty Supplies

In addition to quality food, there are quite a few other items you’ll need to care for your pet. Of these items, a comfy bed, food, and water bowls, collar and ID tags, a litter box and cat litter and cat carrier are essentials. You’ll also want to invest in safe, kitty toys, cat brush and kitty shampoo for when you bathe your kit.

Create a Feeding Schedule

Create a feeding schedule for your kitten so she can establish a routine for meals. Your kitten should eat three meals a day until she’s six months old. At that time, she can start eating twice daily. To ensure your kitten gets the nutritional value she needs, feed her kitten food until she's a year old. At 12 months, she can transition to adult cat food.  

Spend Quality Time with Your Kitten

Take time to bond with your kitten by playing and cuddling together daily. Petting and handling your kitten will draw you closer together as a family. Let kitty explore her home to get adjusted to her surroundings. By having visitors over from time to time, your kit will learn to socialize and make friends.

Take Your Kitten to Doerr Animal Clinic for Veterinary Care!

To schedule a pet wellness exam or consult with a vet at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville, call 502-425-1275 today. We look forward to meeting your pet's veterinary care needs.