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Special Needs Pet Care

Special Needs Pet Care At Doerr Animal Clinic

Do you have a special needs pet and are looking for a great facility where they can get great care? The veterinarian team at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville would love to help out. Keep reading for more information about special needs pet care we provide.


What are Special Needs Pets?

A special needs pet is a pet that may have health issues, a physical disability, behavioral issues, or a pet that is simply aging. These pets need extra care and attention to make sure they stay happy and healthy. 

Behavioral issues may include aggression, anxiety, or another behavior that is triggered by an event or underlying health issue the animal may be experiencing. 

Senior pets need special care for their unique health needs. Unusual health issues that need special medications, therapy, or surgery also fall in the special needs pets category. 

Physical disabilities include missing limbs, hearing loss, eye loss, missing an eye, or another body part that may impact the health and well-being of your pet. 

What are Special Needs Pet Care?

Special needs pet care is care that is focused on the specific health needs of your animal. Below are some examples of special needs pet care.

Behavioral issues can be helped with special training for your pet and you. Sometimes, medication may be recommended to ensure the best outcome for your pet. Classes for pets and owners can help the owner understand and handle certain behaviors that a pet may display. 

Senior pets need to be seen more often than younger pets and need to be checked for health issues that are commonly found in older animals. Having your pet brought in for a yearly check up is a great way to make sure that they are healthy and to have any health issues they are experiencing treated right away. 

A pet with any physical disabilities should be brought in for a yearly check up to make sure their disability is not impacting their overall health in any way.

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