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Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness for Pets in Louisville, KY

You know that getting regular exercise is key to keeping your body healthy, but did you know that it's the same for your pets? Animals that exercise are less likely to become obese, have heart problems, or to develop a host of other physical conditions.a dog playing ball

At Doerr Animal Clinic we advise our pet owners to spend some time every day making sure their pets get some type of physical activity, either through direct exercise or active play. Healthier pets are happier pets, and physical fitness is one of the keys to good health.

Types of Exercise for Dogs

It's easy to make sure even the most sedentary dog gets extra movement each day since dogs are happy to hang out with their owners and do what they do. Some of the fun activities you can share with your dog are:

  • Jogging - This isn't something you can jump right into, but it's possible to build your dog's endurance until it's jogging right along with you.
  • Agility training - Your dog may never be as good as the pros you see on TV, but jumping through hoops and weaving through poles can be a lot of fun for your pooch.
  • Power walking - This is something almost any dog can aspire to. Aim toward 15-20 minutes at a time, walking at a fast pace, before taking a break.
  • Active play - Exercise doesn't have to be a designated workout; chasing balls or Frisbees are just as good for your dog, and a lot of fun, too.
  • Swimming - Some dogs avoid the water, but others absolutely love it. If you've got a water dog, swimming is an excellent low-impact way for it to get a workout.
  • Creative workouts - Tie your pet's workout in with something you enjoy. If your pup's big enough, let it pull you on roller blades. Allow your dog to run along beside your bicycle. Encourage your dog to dig at the beach. Figure out fun ways for your dog to become more active right alongside you.

Ways to Exercise Your Cat

The best way to get your cat to indulge in physical activity is to stimulate its hunting instincts. One great way to get its attention is with small motorized mice for it to chase. Even plain stuffed mice will work, as long as you do all the wiggling movement with the attached string. Many cats love to leap at feathers on strings, or even a dangling piece of yarn held overhead.

Another classic way to get your cat to move is with a laser pointer. Cats will spend endless time chasing a lighted spot that moves around the room. The tiny beam of light looks like a bug to most cats, and cats love to chase bugs.

Looking for a Louisville Veterinarian?

Exercise is one part of keeping your pet healthy and happy, but it all starts with regular wellness exams.

If your pet hasn't had a checkup in at least a year, call our office at 502-425-1275 to schedule an appointment. Physical Fitness for Pets