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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease in pets is a condition that could appear in your pet’s teeth if there is improper dental care. If you believe your pet needs dental care assistance, contact Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville to meet with our veterinarian for an assessment. Here is some information about periodontal disease in pets so you understand the symptoms of this condition, how to help protect your pet from teeth problems, and how veterinary care can help if oral care problems arise.

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What Happens When A Pet Has Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease occurs if the teeth are not cleaned regularly. When bacteria, food particles, and saliva adhere to the teeth, it will harden into a substance called tartar. The tartar will eventually become embedded under a pet's gum line if it is not removed with routine cleaning processes. Once embedded, the roots of teeth become compromised as the substance causes them to deteriorate. Your pet will eventually loose teeth because of this condition. Periodontal disease causes a pet to have discomfort in the mouth and requires intervention to stop the progression of this condition. It is important to visit a veterinary to have your pet dental checkup done to prevent periodontal disease.

How To Protect Your Pet From Dental Conditions

It is best to clean your pet's teeth regularly to help avoid contracting gingivitis, which will turn into a periodontal disease if left untreated. Many pets will shy away from a teeth cleaning procedure at home, however, with persistence, you may be able to train your pet to withstand the process. Purchase a toothpaste in a meat-flavor at your local pet supply shop, use a toothbrush made especially for dogs or cats, and apply the paste to your pet's teeth. You may only be able to get one or two teeth cleaned during a session until your pet becomes used to the action. Tartar control treats can help remove plaque and tartar from the teeth as well.

How Veterinary Care Can Help Your Pet

Bring your pet to our veterinarian for yearly teeth cleanings and we can help keep them in the best of shape. During your pet's appointment, our vet will give your pet a checkup to determine whether there are any outside influences causing dental problems if they are present. Our vet will use a scaling tool to remove hardened plaque and tartar from the teeth, saving the roots from the possibility of an infection. Our veterinarians are available to conduct cleanings at frequent intervals if desired.

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