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Nutritional Counseling

Pet Nutrition Counseling in Louisville, KY

One of the keys to optimal health is to consume a balanced diet with plenty of healthy, nutritious ingredients. Paying close attention to nutritional labels is essential for obtaining the best food for your family. Since you consider your pet to be a part of your family, it should be clear that you’ll want to make sure to provide balanced nutrition to your animal companion. 

At Doerr Animal Clinic, we have seen how people’s pets can start to thrive once they make a switch to a diet with properly balanced nutrition.

a dog eating a health meal

The Role Nutrition Plays in the Health of Your Pet

Indoor pets that have meals provided on a regular basis certainly have an advantage over feral dogs and cats that live in the wild and have to fend for themselves at mealtime. But the food you purchase at a supermarket or pet supplies store can vary quite a bit in terms of ingredients and nutrition. Price is one indicator of the quality of ingredients. 

With proper nutrition, your pet can maintain a healthy weight and will have the energy to exercise and play, which is key to your pet thriving. 

How the Team at Doerr Animal Clinic Can Help With Balanced Nutrition

A pet nutritional counseling appointment with us begins by discussing what your pet typically eats. Be sure to mention what brand of food you usually purchase and note if your family has a habit of giving your pet scraps from the table (in most cases, this is not as healthy as sticking with a well-formulated pet food).

Our vet will conduct a thorough analysis of the food you feed your pet. Keep in mind:

  • Different meal options are appropriate for different stages of life, so it’s best not to feed kitten food to a full grown cat, for example. 
  • Animals with medical conditions may require a special diet to manage their chronic illness. We can advise you on the best options.
  • If our Louisville vet determines your pet needs nutritional supplements, we’ll figure out the appropriate mix of various minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients.
  • People who enjoy cooking should know that with a little research, they can create their own homemade pet food. The vet will happy to show you some recipes you can try out.

We recognize that solving a pet’s nutritional problems may take a while. If this is the case with your pet, we will set up a schedule of follow-up visits to make sure the updated nutritional program is doing its job.

Make an Appointment for Nutritional Counseling at Doerr Animal Clinic Today!

It’s not always easy to figure out the optimal food choices to keep your pet happy, healthy and thriving. If you have any questions about providing better meals for your pet or are ready to book an appointment for nutritional counseling for your pet in Louisville, KY, contact Doerr Animal Clinic today.