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Home Pet Safety

Home Pet Safety Tips from Your Louisville Veterinarian

The cute antics that attracted you to the cat or the dog you brought home reflect a general curiosity that can get an animal into trouble.  One of the most important concerns at our Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville, KY is home pet safety.  Our Louisville veterinarian is happy to provide these tips to pet-proof your home.

a cat laying with a toy

How to Pet-Proof Your Home on the Inside

Many potential hazards lurk inside a home for pets who love to investigate.  Kitchens and bathrooms are good places to start when checking for home pet safety.  Pet-proof your home by installing childproof latches on cabinets that contain medications, laundry supplies, cleaners, or other chemicals.

Be sure to keep all trash cans covered or inside a secured cabinet.  We are happy to provide you with a list of human foods poisonous to dogs or cats.  Make sure that each food and its wrapper are beyond a pet’s reach.  To keep your pet out of toilets, keep all lids closed.

Clothes dryers can be fatal to cats, who love to curl up against warm surfaces.  Block off any small spaces that a pet could enter around laundry equipment.

A regular routine of putting away kids’ games and toys in the living room, family room, or a bedroom keeps these objects out of harm’s way.  It is a good idea to use that time to check for small items like a string that could cause choking and to secure any sewing equipment and supplies. Also, check to make sure that all interior air vents have covers.

Since cats and dogs love chewing buttons and drawstrings, keep laundry and shoes away from them.  Another important part of safe Louisville pet care is making sure that pets cannot find electrical wires.

Exterior Pet Safety Concerns

Pets allowed to go outdoors face additional safety issues. Move all hazardous items in a garage out of their reach and clean any antifreeze from the floor or from an outdoor parking space.  Bang on a vehicle's hood to make sure that no animal has taken refuge next to the engine or the tires.

Picking up nicotine butts or gum from the yard or off pavement could save a pet’s life. Clearing dead limbs or foliage on which an animal is likely to climb can prevent a serious tumble.  The safest home has a pet emergency kit for animals caught outside in storms.

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