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Emergency Pet Surgery

Emergency Pet Surgery with our Louisville Veterinarian

Dog with veterinarian with broken leg

The idea of a pet needing emergency surgery is usually far from an owner's mind – until the day such surgery is needed. Then, a veterinarian must be quickly found that provides this service. One of the easiest ways to prevent the panic that accompanies an emergency is to be prepared in advance. Here are some things to prepare for right now, while your pet is healthy:

Be Ready for the Need for Emergency Pet Surgery

If you're lucky, you'll never need to use these preparations. However, if something unfortunate happens, you'll be glad you took these steps related to emergency pet surgery:

  • Keep the name, phone numbers, and address of a local emergency vet. Be sure you have the animal hospital's night number handy.
  • Have a first aid kit at the ready so you can quickly stop bleeding from injuries.
  • Learn the symptoms of problems that require surgery, such as appendicitis, intestinal blockages, and similar issues.
  • Know the signs of pain in pets. In many cases, they will not whine or cry, but instead, do things like refuse to eat or simply act sluggish.

When you arrive at an emergency veterinarian in Louisville, the next steps will depend on the type of injury or illness your pet is suffering from. If he or she has been injured and is visibly bleeding, treatment to stop the loss of blood will begin immediately. Then, an assessment will be made to determine what must be done to fully treat the problem. Tranquilizers may be required since animals that are in pain can bite or struggle as an instinctual response. Using drugs to calm the pet is beneficial for all involved – the practice stops the animal from injuring himself further as well as preventing bite wounds.

If the problem is an illness or hidden injury, the vet will ask you all about the symptoms being displayed. Then, testing will be done to find out if surgery is needed, and if so, on which parts. The surgery will then be performed as soon as possible, typically as soon as anesthesia has a chance to take effect.

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It's important to call us here at Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville, KY before you bring your pet in for emergency surgery. This will allow us to be ready as soon as you walk in the door. Once you arrive, we will begin the needed medical treatments immediately.