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Veterinary Services at Our Doerr Animal Clinic

Doerr Animal Clinic is your Louisville, KY home for vet services -- from routine care to emergency treatment. Take a look at our extensive range of offerings!

Veterinarian treating a dog

Wellness Services

Our preventative wellness exams, microchipping, pest/parasite prevention, and vaccinations (including dog flu prevention) can help your pet stay safe and healthy.

Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary surgery can address a wide range of health needs. Turn to our clinic for routine spay and neuter surgery, dental surgery, diagnostic/exploratory surgery, orthopedic repairs and more.

Emergency Pet Surgery

When your pet faces an emergency, surgery can prove a lifesaver. We can repair fractures, seal wounds, stop bleeding, deliver litters, and remove urinary stones or foreign objects.

Radiology and Other Diagnostic Imaging

State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging such as X-rays, ultrasound, and electrocardiograms help us learn the exact state of your pet's health quickly and accurately.


Boarding your pet at our veterinary facility is a smart way to make sure he stays healthy and happy while you're traveling. We offer comfortable surroundings, healthy meals, and vet treatment and monitoring as needed.

Prescription Diets

If your pet as an allergy, diabetes, hypertension, kidney problem or another health challenge, the right food could make a major difference in his health. We offer prescription diets for specific conditions.

Pet Pain Management

Pets and people alike suffer from chronic pain conditions. We can create a safe, effective pain management plan, from medications to laser therapy, to help your pet stay mobile and comfortable.

Pet Allergy Treatment

Your pet doesn't have to suffer from allergies. Bring him to us for allergy testing, recommended medications, hypoallergenic diets and more.

Home Pet Safety

Your home can be a healthy environment or a dangerous one for your beloved companion. We can help you adopt best practices for pet safety.

Nutritional Counseling

Do you know what -- and how much -- to feed your pet? We can advise on your nutritional choices and feeding routines.

Physical Fitness

Let our veterinary hospital devise a personal exercise and physical fitness plan to keep your pet at a healthy weight and peak physical condition.

Behavioral Counseling

If your pet is misbehaving, we can find out why. We offer behavioral counseling to diagnose common issues and help you train your little friend, starting early in life.


Our animal hospital can diagnose and treat a variety of skin problems. Let us help your pet with everything from allergic reactions to fungal or bacterial infections.

Ask Our Louisville Veterinarian for Whatever Services your Pet May Need

Our Louisville veterinarian is ready to help your pet with all his primary care needs. Call us today at 502-425-1275 to schedule any necessary services!