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Heartworm Treatment and Prevention

Doerr Animal Clinic Offers Heartworm Treatment and Prevention

Pets can be troubled by a variety of parasites, both internal and external. Heartworms are tiny worms that can lodge and reproduce in the heart and lungs, causing serious health problems for your pet. Without heartworm treatment, it can be fatal for your animal. At Doerr Animal Clinic in Louisville, KY, we can help prevent and treat heartworm disease.

Doerr Animal Clinic Offers Heartworm Treatment and Prevention

Understanding Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is transmitted through a bite of a mosquito. If a mosquito feeds on the blood of an infected animal, that mosquito can then transmit the disease to the next animal. Through the bite of the mosquito, microscopic larvae can gain entry to the bloodstream and travel to the heart and lungs. Once in the vital organs, the worms begin to reproduce, multiply, and grow. As the number of worms grow, the animal can show debilitating symptoms, such as coughing, poor body condition, and reluctant to exercise. Dogs are a natural host for heartworms, but cats can develop heartworm disease as well.

Heartworm Testing and Treatment

A blood test can detect the presence of heartworms in your pet’s body. If the test is positive, our veterinarians will go over you about your pet’s treatment plan. Treatment may require the use of approved medications, such as melarsomine, to help kill the developing worms in your animal’s system. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the worms from the heart or lungs. Throughout your animal’s treatment, his or her activity must be severely limited to prevent damage to the body.

Heartworm Prevention

The best way to protect your pet against heartworm disease is to provide him or her heartworm medication. Our veterinarians in Louisville are able to prescribe the right medication for your animal. This can either be administered orally or through a series of injections. Oral medicine is given monthly while the injections are provided every 6 months.

Protect Your Pet with Preventative Care

Our veterinarians help their patients in Louisville, KY, and surrounding communities enjoy a healthier, more active life by providing them quality vet care. We provide many services, including exams, vaccinations, dental care, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, and behavioral counseling. Call our veterinary team at Doerr Animal Clinic today at 502-425-1275 to schedule an appointment, or to learn about preventative measures and treatment of heartworm disease.